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Welcome to RJD Solutions

   Computer Networking and Business Telecommunications Professionals

  RJD Solutions is a computer network management and consulting firm specializing in evaluation, analysis, recommendation, and implementation of fully optimized computer network systems and business telecommunication systems, based in Washington, DC. Serving the DC-metro area since 1997, RJD Solutions professionals have substantial experience in LAN, WAN, network security, information storage backup, and network stabilization. Our goal is to create or modify your computer network to optimally meet your needs while achieving complete stability.  
  Our approach does not just depend on technical expertise and experience; we also bring our knowledge of how businesses work to the table. We pride ourselves in spending the time to learn what tasks are mission critical and who needs to be able to perform them. The solution we develop will not only give you the fastest and most stable network that meets your budget, it will also facilitate efficient workflow and create maximum productivity per workstation.  

The RJD philosophy is to start with the most basic needs. If you don't have data back-up and network security, we'll start there instead of selling you faster, fancier capabilities. Many of our clients first come to us after a crisis, so we have a solid understanding of what can go wrong. Our first step with a new client will be addressing those needs that are most likely to disable or seriously harm a business. From there we will develop the stability and optimization for which we are known.

Please take a moment to look through our Web site. Many of your questions may be answered on our service and product pages. If not, please use one of our contact forms to get a direct answer. If you are ready to bring your business to a more stable, productive, efficient level, please contact us.

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