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Learn about all phases of running a small Information Technology business. We offer substantial hands-on experience, training, and client contact to qualified applicants. If you are a college student or recent graduate interested in learning everything that goes into a computer networking business, please apply to our program.
You can learn a lot about computer network management and consulting in a classroom, but not everything.

  • They can’t teach you about meeting unusual, illogical, and sometimes self-destructive client preferences. When do you tell the client they should do it differently and when do you just accept the way the client wants it done?
  • They may not prepare you for the systems you’ll face in the real world. You may be trained on state of the art systems in school, but what you get at a client site is often a collection of mis-matched equipment that the client has already paid money for, and insists on including into a solution.
  • There is just no way to prepare for the sudden crisis of a client who is relying on you to keep their business up and operating. The client is standing there losing money while you try to repair a long-dormant screw-up. How do you get your job done, satisfy the client, and explain the source of the problem, without sounding as if you’re making excuses?
  • Then there are the thousands of day to day details of a business. Money doesn’t just flow in the door, not even when you are constantly working. There is a world of invoicing, accounting, billing that goes into making a business work.

We have many years experience in every aspect, and are willing to take qualified applicants under our wing. An internship with RJD Solutions will give you that much-valued experience that is often such a barrier to getting hired and moving up.


We are flexible in terms of requirements, as we recognize that desire and dedication may be more important than specific training. The skills best tailored to working with RJD Solutions might best be determined by looking at our Services page. If your studies are oriented towards these services, and you are interested in hands-on experience, please apply. Use contact form, and select the "Internship"option from the Subject drop-down menu, and send us your résumé.

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