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Advantage Procurement Program
Advantage Procurement Programs

Items that we identify as needed during analysis can be procured by RJD Solutions at a greatly reduced rate, as a result of our existing relationships, experience, research into market availability and conditions, and precise analysis of requirements. Purchasing through RJD solutions brings several advantages:

  • Analysis for compatibility issues
  • Precise specification matching
  • Reduced purchase price
  • General knowledge of industry, vendors, and products

Procurement in-house may make sense for some clients, but ask yourself these questions: What do you need to accomplish?:

  • What's the product life cycle?
  • Who allows upgrades?
  • How scalable is the product?
  • What are the hidden limitations?
  • Which product features are actually important to your business?

Do you have the time to do substantial research? We do this product analysis every day, much of the research has already been done.


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