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Network Security/ Data Backup/ Disaster Recovery

Network Security

A network allows a lot of people to work together, using the same files. But without protection, the network may allow some people to get to files you don't want them to have, or introduce things you don't want on the network. RJD Solutions provides intrusion protection/detection, account security, file protection, virus protection and remediation.

Data Backup

We also provide ways to back-up those files. Without back-up a small incident could become a major disaster, possibly putting a company out of business. We can provide data back-up solutions on-site, including tape and mirror drives, and redundancy. We also provide off-site solutions, including tape storage, and off-site back-up via internet. If the worst does happen, we can often recover much lost data. Our disaster recovery includes recovery of data on drives that won't boot, drives that are partially impaired. If we have implemented back-up systems, we can provide recovery from the back-up media.

Disaster Recovery

When our clients have called with a potentially crippling situation-a network wide multiple virus infestation-we have been there to eradicate and rebuild. Providing a real-time response to a rapidly escalating disaster.

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